Everyday Health and Wellness

I’ve made it a practice, although later in life, to look for natural products and remedies as an alternative to pharmaceuticals or chemicals. I do this not only for my own health but to support the health of my dogs.

In my reading I’ve learned that God has provided us with everything we need to maintain a healthy life. I’ve also learned that most if not all problems that affect our health, are a result of either our environment or our lifestyle.

We are subjected on a daily business to toxins in our environment. They are in the cleaning products we use, the air that we breath, other products we use in our home and things we may not even be aware! Day after day we read more about the next thing to create a health risk.

If you are like me, my lifestyle, particularly my eating habits, are not really the best. As such, we put things in our bodies that are not beneficial. Plus, with our modern methods of mass farming, many of our “fresh food” is coming to us already nutrient deficient. So, that means we are not giving our body the proper fuel it needs to keep the engine running efficiently.

In my posts you will find information on how to eliminate toxins from your home and what you use in your home and on your body. I’ll also bring you information on supplements to help boost your immune system and promote overall better health.

I’ll also be discussing the benefits of a meditation practice. I’ve been meditating for over 30 years now. In my opinion, there is not a better stress reliever. We will be discussing methods and other information on the subject of meditation.

See you on the blogs!