Thanks for stopping by… I’m James Tingley, entrepreneur and business builder.

Have you always wanted to do more in life?  That has been me my entire career.  I was always the one that took something that I learned and immediately wondered how I could build a business around it.  Most of my career has been spent building an IT services company, but I’ve always been open to investigating good opportunities.

The one problem with traditional businesses though, is that they all required my constant effort and work in order to produce income.  If I took time off, revenue stopped.  I wasn’t a business owner, I was a “producer”.  If I stopped “producing”, I stopped earning.  What I needed was a way to produce residual income… an income stream that continued even if I was on vacation or taking time off for any reason.

That’s when I discovered Network Marketing, a business model that provided everything I was looking for in a business.  And as I did my research, I found that Network Marketing was just one of many sales and marketing models that companies can employ to bring their products to market.  The main difference was the fact that companies that used this model believe in sharing the profits with people doing the work to carry the message and products to market.

The key then was finding a company that had values that matched my own, had a product that I could believe in and use myself and provided a generous compensation plan.  I’m happy to say, I found all that and am excited now to share this with others that are looking for a way to improve their lives and helping people to build their own businesses and create lifestyles previously experience only in dreams.

So, I very happy you found me and I hope I can count you among my friends.  Please let me know how I can help you.