We have one month of 2018 under our belts and in the books. How are you doing so far? If you resolved to make some improvements are you making progress? Have you taken steps, if not every day, at least sometime during January to get closer to your goals? Let me backtrack a bit and ask you, “have you laid out any goals for 2018?” Regardless how you answered these questions, know that it is just the right time to start, restart, or kick it up a notch… NOW is exactly the right time to decide! Have you done anything to improve your mind? This could be reading a positive book. This could be listening to positive, encouraging radio, TV, or podcasts. I try to do this on a daily basis. For example, one of my decisions is to read one good, positive, book every month. In January that book was, Mind Power into the 21st Century by John Kehoe. Our creator separated us from all the other living creatures on our planet by giving us a mind that is more powerful than any super computer ever made. How do I know this? Because it was the mind(s) of people that conceived of, designed and then created these computers. This book gives us solid thoughtful ways to use this wonderful gift to improve our lives and the lives of those around us, and if we are just bold enough, the lives of everyone on this beautiful sphere we call earth. I’m not saying you are… but, if you are making excuses why you can’t do this or that, how you are too busy, why the odds are stacked against you, KNOW right now that these thoughts are just thoughts you have chosen AND you have the ability, yes the absolute ability to change those thoughts. Your thoughts are really the only thing over which you have total, complete control. Every single negative or passive thought can be replaced by a positive one. Even if you let a negative thought into your mind, you can immediately recognize that it was a dis-empowering thought and replace it with a positive one that you consciously choose. For example, the thought “I’ll never lose weight can be replaced by “I make better food choices that improve my health.” The thought, “I’ll never get out of debt” can be replaced by “the universe is infinitely abundant and being debt free is my birthright.” You get the picture… So, let me encourage you, even if you haven’t made one step forward so far, TODAY is the day you can start. It is never too late. It is always exactly the right time to make that decision to improve your life, to make better choices, to choose better thoughts, to point yourself in the right direction. I’m not perfect, no one is, but I’ve made the conscious decision that every single day I will be a little bit better than I was the day before. It’s all about baby steps. If you focus only on the end result, it may seem overwhelming, but if you set your attention and intentions on baby steps, before you know it you will see noticeable improvements that will propel you even further ahead.


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